Founded June 11, 2008

We are a group of web developer and designers who believe in the importance of running our products on exceptional hardware.

Our History

What started out as a small web design and development team, Bliztek has slowly transformed into a reputable web solution company. In the past, Bliztek was a group of freelancers and our work required us to interact directly with web hosting companies on behalf of our clients. As we became more and more versed in the ways of the web hosting world, we became well aware of the deficencies of countless companies in regards to the hardware on which we hosted. Often times it was simply outdated equipment. Sometimes it was the software. Occassionally it was because the web hosting company had been aquired by a larger entity and had lost it's vision and drive. It was becoming harder and harder to find a reliable company that we could trust with our clients' websites. And thus, Bliztek as we know it today, was born.

Our Future

Moving forward we will continue to provide exceptional hardware and software for our clients by continually seeking out opportunities to upgrade and expand. Overall the next 5 years we want to greatly expand our services, technology, and client base. Our first step will be to increase the number of Data Centers in which our servers are located. Secondly, we will be purchasing and upgrading new servers to ensure our clients' websites are always running on state of the art equipment.

On the design and development side of the business, we are also working in the mobile application industry and are currently developing applications for language acquisition. We are hoping to release the first version of these applications as soon as 2022.

We believe there is always room for improve and we are dedicated to our loyal customers and promise to all provide the best web services we possibly can.

Our Mission Statement

Bliztek Web Solution's mission is to become a market leader by consistently exceeding our customer's expectations; not only do we provide them with best of breed technology solutions for web hosting and domain management services, but we also provide proficient design and development collaboration. We will continually communicate with and learn from our clients in order to improve our products and services. As a company of the future, we will always do our best to keep on top of tomorrow's technology, no matter how fast it moves, to ensure our clients always have the best tools available to them.

Our Values


Our number one priority here at Bliztek is security. Therefore we believe SSL should be included with every website to help create a safer Internet. You shouldn't have to choose to have a secure web experience.


A website that has execessive downtime is hardly a website at all. Each one of our hosting plans offer a 99% uptime guarentee and provide third party monitoring statistics so you can be assured your website is in good hands.


With our servers delivering content to a multitude of devices, it's imperative that data is processed quickly and efficiently. We do our best to ensure our services are running on industry leading hardware.


We are a company of the future and we are constantly seeking out ways to improve our team, hardware, and software both for our projects and yours. We appreciate any and all feedback as we strive for excellence.

Our Data Centers
Lansing, Michigan, USA

Data Centers3



ProvidersLevel 3 Verion, Cogent, Comcast

Capacity35,000 Servers