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My passion for this industry stems from my ability to help others succeed. We aggressively stay on top of tomorrow's technology so you can focus on the things that matter.

Steven Brown, Founder of Bliztek, LLC

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Welcome to Bliztek! We specialize in creating custom web application solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our team of experienced developers and designers work closely with you to understand your unique needs and goals, and deliver a solution that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

Whether you're looking to streamline your internal processes, improve customer engagement, or create a new online platform, we have the skills and expertise to make it happen.

With our web applications, you can improve efficiency, increase revenue and stay ahead of the competition. The first step is to request a quote with your project requirements. Our team will review your submission and contact you within 24-72 business hours.

We are Agile Scrum

Our Process

Submit a Quote

The first step for getting your web project started is submitting a quote via the contact form located at the bottom of our page. It is important to be as detailed as possible so we can both accurately provide you with a project timeline as well as an accurate price. Promptly after receiving your message, our team will review your requirements and reach out to you with any follow up questions and advise you on our next steps.

Initial Meeting

Once you have received the quote and choosen to accept our terms we will schedule an online video meeting with you to discuss your project in detail. During this time we will determine dates for milestones we intend to hit as well as answer any other questions you may have. We believe communication is imperative for creating a successful working relationship and will immediately reach out with any questions, comments, or issues.


As we progress through the project, you will be updated on the milestones we set forth in the initial meeting. Your code will be push to a private GitHub repositiory so you can physically track our progress. During pre release you will be able to fully test your web project. Additionally, with your permission, we will conduct beta testing with users of your target market to address usability issues. We will gather this feedback and discuss the changes we intend to make to address them.


Once everything is finished from the pre release, we will release the web project. Of course we will walk you through every aspect of the project so you are 100% comfortable with all avaliable functionality. The code and licenses will be released to you and you'll be live on the web!

Industry Professionals

Our Team

Steven Brown
Steven Brown

Cloud Architect

Steven has a distinguished career in the military and defense sectors, serving in a variety of roles. Throughout his decade of service, Steven worked attached to Special Operation teams as a SOT-A (Special Operations Team-Alpha) and operated as a SIGINT Collection Team Sergeant. During this time, he gained essential security and project management skills, which he now uses in his profession as a software engineer.

Steven worked at CAE as a Frontend developer after his time in the military, where he was instrumental in the creation of mission planning software. He worked on initiatives that were crucial to the accomplishment of tasks in a variety of fields, such as aviation, defense, and security.

As a cloud architect, Steven has developed a deep understanding of software development methodologies and cloud technologies and has earned certifications from AWS and CompTia. His experience in the military and CAE has given him a unique perspective on the importance of scalability, reliability, security and project management.

Kenaniah Subrahmanyam
Kenaniah Subrahmanyam

Backend Developer

Kenaniah has a strong background in software development and a track record of achievement. He honed his talents in creating top-notch software applications while working for prestigious firms like Amazon and CAE.

During his time at Amazon, Kenaniah was part of a team that developed and maintained a seller facing application. He played a role in designing and developing innovative software solutions that improved the customer experience. Kenaniah's strong technical skills and ability to work collaboratively with his team allowed him to deliver project goals on-time and on-budget.

At CAE, Kenaniah was a key member of the team responsible for developing mission planning systems. His work on these systems was critical in ensuring the success of missions in various industries, including aviation, defense, and security. Kenaniah's technical expertise and ability to work collaboratively with his team allowed him to deliver complex and innovative software solutions that met the needs of clients.

Isaac Subrahmanyam
Isaac Subrahmanyam

Frontend Developer

Isaac is an accomplished software developer with extensive experience in the industry. He has worked for top organizations such as Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory and CAE.

During his time at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Isaac was part of the team responsible for developing satellite health management software. His work was instrumental in ensuring the reliability and efficient operation of various satellites. Isaac's strong technical skills and ability to work collaboratively with his team allowed him to deliver innovative software solutions that met the needs of clients.

Following his work at Johns Hopkins, Isaac worked at CAE, where he was responsible for developing mission planning software. His work on these systems was critical in ensuring the success of missions in various industries, including aviation, defense, and security.

Previous to his professional experience, Isaac developed countless game applications on the side while he built his career.

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